50 Lessons in People Management

50 Lessons in People Management

Курс на TenStep (САЩ)

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Работата с хора е ключово умение за всеки мениджър и професионалист. 50 Shades of „50 Lessons in People Management“ е уникално обучение на TenStep (САЩ) под формата на научени уроци по управление на хора / people management. Уроците дават практически съвети за решаване на често срещани проблеми при управлението на хора, систематизират научените уроци и добрите практики и предоставят ценни „tips and tricks“

Независимо дали сте в началото на своята кариера или вече имате натрупан опит, в 50-те урока ще намерите истинско професионално съкровище!

Какво получавате

  • Най-модерните концепции в управлението на хора, ценни съвети, научени уроци и добри практики, представени по уникален начин 
  • Обучение на TenStep (САЩ) – международен лидер в консултантската дейност по управление и глобална обучаваща организация на Project Management Institute (PMI Registered Education Provider)
  • Онлайн обучение в удобна форма, с неограничен достъп и възможност за учене по всяко време и от всяко място
  • Сертификат на TenStep за преминато обучениe
  • Материали на английски език с оригинална международно използвана терминология
  • Достъпна цена и изгодни условия за плащане


Какво включва курсът


  • Представяне на всеки урок (включително Tips, Examples, Summaries)


* Вижте как изглежда един урок:


Програма на курса

    • Lesson 1: Resolve a Conflict
    • Lesson 2: Assessing the Effectiveness of Teleworking
    • Lesson 3: Techniques to Resolve Conflicts
    • Lesson 4: Active Listening – Key to Effective Communication
    • Lesson 5: Give Performance Feedback Routinely
    • Lesson 6: Maintain Your Personal Ethics
    • Lesson 7: 360 Degree Review Process
    • Lesson 8: Take Responsibility for Your Career Development
    • Lesson 9: Implementing Flextime Options
    • Lesson 10: Personal Problems Turn Professional
    • Lesson 11: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    • Lesson 12: Practice what you Preach
    • Lesson 13: Managing Babies in a Professional Manner
    • Lesson 14: Have a Plan Today to Handle Transition Tomorrow
    • Lesson 15: Don’t Let Team Members Isolate Themselves
    • Lesson 16: Identify, Mentor, and Grow New Leaders
    • Lesson 17: Set and Manage Expectations
    • Lesson 18: Hire a Diverse Workforce without Compromising 
    • Lesson 19: Lead Your Staff – Don’t Just Manage Them
    • Lesson 20: Learn to Influence Others Without Unnecessary Politics
    • Lesson 21: Encourage Staff to Take on New Challenges to Get Ahead
    • Lesson 22: You Can Let Employees Go – and Feel Okay About It
    • Lesson 23: Don’t Ignore Morale Problems – Turn Them Around 
    • Lesson 24: Developing High Performing Teams
    • Lesson 25: Understand That Your Attitude Rubs Off On the Entire Team
    • Lesson 26: Coach Your Staff So That They Can Mature and Grow
    • Lesson 27: Manage Contractors Effectively, But Differently Than Your Employee Staff
    • Lesson 28: Increase Your Effectiveness with Strong Time Management Skills
    • Lesson 29: Proactively Resolve the Personality Problems of a Dysfunctional Team
    • Lesson 30: Understand Your Technical Staff and Manage Them Accordingly
    • Lesson 31: Take Credit for Your Successes
    • Lesson 32: Use a Multi-Faceted Approach to Implement Culture Change 
    • Lesson 33: Be Sensitive to Differences When Managing a Diverse Staff
    • Lesson 34: Provide Clear Performance Feedback on a Timely Basis
    • Lesson 35: Encourage and Embrace Process Improvement Suggestions
    • Lesson 36: Make Sure People Know You and Your Expectations When You are New
    • Lesson 37: Unleash the Power of an Aligned Organization
    • Lesson 38: Make Sure Your Organization Can Survive a Staff Reduction
    • Lesson 39: Look at Processes, Not People, to Solve Quality Problems
    • Lesson 40: Escalate a Performance Problem with a Formal Plan
    • Lesson 41: Proactively Manage a Virtual Distributed Team
    • Lesson 42: Recognize the Difference Between Logical and Emotional Feedback
    • Lesson 43: Be Honest and Upfront When Dealing with a Mistake
    • Lesson 44: Minimize the Inherent Weaknesses of Multi-Tasking
    • Lesson 45: Teach Your Staff How to Solve Problems
    • Lesson 46: Use Portfolio Management Techniques to Ensure People Do the Right Work
    • Lesson 47: Be Very Savvy When Implementing At-Risk Compensation Plans
    • Lesson 48: Use Self-Managed Teams
    • Lesson 49: Respond Carefully to Significant Morale Problems
    • Lesson 50: Use Face-to-Face Communication

Език на обучение: английски

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