M_o_R® Foundation Certificate Programme (Management of Risk)

В момента обучението се предлага само като вътрешнофирмено.

Това е обучение и сертифициране по най-известната методология за Управление на риска! Научете как да управлявате стратегическите, програмните, проектните и оперативните рискове и получете международно признат сертификат по управление на риска!

All organisations and individuals manage risk, although this is not always done in a visible or repeatable way, or by applying a consistent approach. M_o_R is a holistic, repeatable and transparent framework for managing risk. It also focuses on achieving a risk aware culture throughout the organisation, ensuring that risk is recognised and managed at all levels. It includes:

Principles: The seven M_o_R Principles allow an organisation to understand the approach – policies, strategies & processes – being used in different parts of the organisation. But they also consider the cultural attitude to risk and how the maturity of risk management is being maintained and improved.
Processes: The six M_o_R processes describe the activities that need to be considered at each step in the cycle of managing risks. For each step they link the inputs, outputs, activities and techniques.
Perspectives: Risk management takes place at different levels – perspectives – within an organisation notably at the strategic, programme, project and operational levels. M_o_R looks at how the generic principles, approach & processes are tailored for different perspectives and gives specific advice on roles and responsibilities.
Techniques: M_o_R gives credible, detailed and practical advice on how and when to use a broad range of relevant techniques. Specialisms: Many specialisms approach risk management in a particular way that has evolved to meet local needs. M_o_R examines key specialisms so that organisation-wide risk management can be integrated across specialisms and perspectives.

The M_o_R Foundation Examination is the first stage in your assessment to becoming a Registered Practitioner. It has been designed to provide you with information about your Risk Management knowledge. The exam is one-hour multiple-choice paper on day 3 of the course with 75 questions – 35 of them to be answered correctly to pass.

Goal To give delegates a broad knowledge of the use and techniques of the M_o_R risk management method, as laid out in the UK Cabinet Office guide ’Management of Risk; Guidance for Practitioners’.

Participants This event will benefit managers and team members with specific responsibilities for corporate governance and the management of risk. It is also useful for executives considering the implementation of structured risk management within their organisations.

Day 1
• Course Administration
• Introductions and Course Objectives
• Introduction to Risk Management
• Risk Management in Delegates’ Organisations
• Risk Management and Corporate Governance
• Principles
• Perspectives
• Techniques
• Homework: Exam Preparation

Day 2
• Examination – Queries and Answers (Q & A)
• Approach
• Approach (2)
• M_o_R Process Context, Communicate and Identify Assess, Plan and Implement
• Embedding and Reviewing
• Homework: Exam Preparation

Day 3
• Examination – Queries and Answers (Q & A)
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Strategic Risk
• Programme Risk
• Project Risk
• Operational Risk
• Risk Specialisms
• Foundation Examination
• Course Closure and Final Administration